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An empty cowshed is better than a naughty cow

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While answering sister Aminas question Amira suddenly became a new Amira

While answering sister Amina’s question, Amira suddenly became a new Amira. Amina started to see in amazement, as gold becomes pure when burned, her familiar charm – the soft-hearted, quiet sister today turned into pure gold after being pushed by her husband, the father of her three children. Amina wanted this change from long ago, but never said openly that her sister would suffer.

Although Amina is the younger sister, she is quite right-handed-rational-clear-realistic, and intelligent since childhood. On the other hand, elder sister Amira has been a simple-minded person since childhood. He is passionate and dreamy. It was at Elin’s birthday party that Amina realized that Belayt was no longer the old Belayt, that she would have bet her life to catch a glimpse of Amira’s cheeky smile. But knowing or understanding, can it always be communicated, understood, or expressed? Whatever Amira said about this belayat today, if these words had been said by Amina or anyone else on that day or in the past, Amirah would have jumped like a ferocious tigress and protected her belayat.

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For the past four months alone, Amina has thought a lot. He has thought many times how to tell Amira these truths, to encourage her to stand on her own feet and to give her the necessary support, realistically. Today he is calm. Taking a deep breath, Amina stepped forward, hugging Amira. He said, we will move forward together. Together we will raise our Lakshmi Musa, Maher, and Elin. You are not afraid anymore. Amina thought to herself, what was going to happen, it happened, it was good. At least it will be better now than the way Amira was getting physically and mentally upset thinking about Belayat. At least her sister would be able to stand on her own feet and lead a hassle and worry free life instead of dying of fumes waiting for such an irresponsible husband. Be that as it may, Amira had to pass this stage one day or the other, today it happened.

Amina said, ‘From tomorrow you will concentrate on your work, with what we two sisters will earn together, the five of us will get by just fine, don’t worry sister.’

Amira: Do not talk so seasoned! Who says I’m thinking?

Amina: No, I mean, why would you think? can you think

(Both sisters burst out laughing at this point.)

Musa: Is our eating ice cream canceled?

Amira: stop! Crazy boy! Why cancel? Khammito was thinking, what will happen with just ice cream? Everyone is hungarian, we will go out now and eat pizza first, then ice cream. agree?

Musa, Maher, both clapped their hands happily. And little Elin is the shadow of the two big ones. Will he stay behind? He also kept clapping without understanding anything. But the difference is, the elder two are clapping with understanding, and Elin clapped without understanding. The older two finished clapping in time, and Elin continued clapping for a while longer. At one point, Musa stopped him by scolding him. And immediately Elin did a new thing. Before anyone knew anything, he threw his head back as he sat on the floor. Knocked his head home on the floor. But did not cry! Both Amira and Amina jumped to see if there was a rupture somewhere. No, nothing is visible. However, Elin appeared again with another new symptom. Every month, Elin adds something new to her list of problematic uses.

Amina knows what is going to happen. If not stopped immediately, Amira will now again be plunged into a whirlwind of intense anxiety. And once Amirah gets the hang of it, it takes a whole day to pull her out of it. So Amira now pulled Musa and Mahr as weapons. He shouted, “Musa, bring the ice from the fridge quickly, I have to put it on Elin’s head.” And at the same time, he said to Maher, “If you want to eat ice cream, come to the bathroom quickly and scratch your head.”

Amira didn’t say anything, just stared at Elin with tears in her eyes. Amina said, ‘Apu, tomorrow we will go to Elin’s doctor. I will talk a little about his problem behaviors.

Amira breathed a sigh of relief seeing Amina handling all the children so beautifully. He dragged Eileen off the floor and walked towards the bathroom, not saying a word. Meanwhile, Amina quickly ran to the kitchen and helped Musa to get ice. After that, going to the bathroom, Ellin’s head started rubbing ice. Amira lifted Elin on the sink to stop her from squirming. And Dubone began to frown, seeing that the back of the head was severely swollen.

Amira: Don’t you think we need to take him to emergency first?

Amina: Ma’am, honestly, no. The head is slightly swollen. Don’t worry so much. I’m rubbing the ice, it will decrease already. If you go to the emergency line now, it will be night to get cereal, and by then the swelling will be gone. Rather, pay attention to whether he pats his head, if he seems to be in pain, I will take him to the walk-in clinic. When Dubone was so worried about Elin’s head and pain, Elin suddenly giggled. He is now sixteen months old. Says almost nothing yet. But trying to imitate the other two siblings a little bit. For example, Elin giggled and looked at herself in the mirror and said, ‘Wow!’, just like Musa and Mahr. Amina slyly planted a kiss on Elin’s cheek. But it did not change Elin’s mind. She likewise looked at the mirror and shook her ten fingers, and continued to say, ‘Wow!’ The five of them gathered at the same bathroom door, but Elin paid no attention to any of them. He just watched his fingers twitch in the mirror, and every ten seconds looked at his fingers in the mirror and said ‘Wow!’

Amira lost patience this time. Surprised, he slapped Elin’s cheek. ‘Shut up,’ said Elin, shaking her shoulder-length golden hair as if to repel gnats. Pain-humiliation-humiliation did not touch him.
Seeing Elin’s condition, before Amira could say anything, Amina said, we will eat ice cream today and call Elin’s doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. I will also show the swelling of the head, and also tell the doctor about this new flopping use. See what he said!

The next day at five o’clock in the afternoon, after returning from work, Amina came to Amira’s place of work with her car. Seeing Amina, told Malik, Amira came out a couple of hours ago today. Picking up the kids from daycare, they headed to the doctor’s office. The doctor checks Elaine every three months and compares age-specific milestones with other children her age. After the tests today, the doctor solemnly announced that, beyond any doubt, Elaine definitely has developmental delays, autism. He briefly explained to Amira the next steps to be taken. Step by step how, when, where to go, what to do, he explained everything. Amina carefully recorded the doctor’s words. Came out of the doctor’s chamber. Driving in front of Amira’s house, leaving the children in the park, Dubone sat on the bench and began to think, how to start the treatment of Elin, how to move forward with the children without Belayet.

They decided that instead of paying rent for two houses, they would live in one house as five people. Already today, after discussing with her colleagues in the office, Amina has come knowing how she can give her sister some stress relief. If the children’s maintenance money is collected from their father, Amira’s income, and Amina’s income, they will be able to live together well. The next day, they contacted the office of social services, and they finalized that matter as well.

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