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Canadian woman wants to rent half of her bed

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According to the Facebook post the woman wants to rent half of her bed For this she wants to take about 72 thousand 989 taka 900 Canadian dollars as rent per month

The cost of living in Toronto, Canada is rising rapidly. Especially house rent is increasing manifold. People are struggling to meet these expenses. In this situation, a woman offered to rent half of her bed (bedmate) to bring the household expenses to a somewhat bearable level. Last month, Toronto-based realtor Anya Ettinger highlighted a woman’s post on Facebook. The post on Facebook’s marketplace has already gone viral.

According to the Facebook post, the woman wants to rent half of her bed. For this, he wants to take about 72 thousand 989 taka (900 Canadian dollars) as rent per month. However, that post has now been removed from Facebook.

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The Facebook post, titled ‘Shared Bedroom in a Lake-Facing Downtown Condo’, said: ‘Looking for a single woman to share a queen size bed in the master bedroom. Earlier I shared my bed with a woman I found on Facebook. It was going well.’

The woman demanded 900 Canadian dollars per month for the bed. Anya Ettinger told CTV News Toronto about the post, “If you think about it, nothing bad has happened to Toronto’s economic situation. So look at this, this is actually happening. A person wants to rent his bed for 900 Canadian dollars a month. Many will not see this well. But the worst thing is, many people are forced to do it. It is a very sad incident.’

Ania’s video highlighting the severity of the housing crisis in Toronto has gone viral. Reacting to the video, one person wrote, ‘The scary thing is that he wants to rent his bed to anyone. Someone might even be renting it.’ Another commented, ‘One of its benefits is that it cures loneliness.’

Toronto ranks as the second most expensive housing market in Canada. According to a report by the New York Post, the average cost of a one-room house in Toronto is about 289,660 taka (2,614 US dollars) per month. To collect this money, people have to adopt unconventional ways. Due to this, the trend of sharing a bed with a stranger by renting a bed (hot bedding) is increasing in the city.

A survey conducted on 7,000 international students in Sydney and Melbourne in 2021 showed that many are choosing this ‘hot bedding’ to save 3 percent on rent.

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