Sunday, April 14, 2024

Canadian Immigration Backlog Faces Deadline Demand and Ombudsman Push

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Applicants deserve transparency about their applications progress and shouldnt be left in the dark

The House of Commons immigration committee is urging the government to tackle the massive immigration application backlog with a clear deadline and an independent watchdog. In a recent report, the committee outlined 40 recommendations to streamline the process and ease lengthy wait times for potential newcomers.

The current state is alarming: As of October, over 963,000 applications, representing 43% of all cases, were stuck in the backlog. This translates to years of uncertainty for applicants seeking permanent residency, work visas, or citizenship.

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The committee’s key demands are:

  • Setting a deadline to clear the backlog: This would provide a concrete target for the department and restore confidence in the system.
  • Online case status tracking: Applicants deserve transparency about their application’s progress and shouldn’t be left in the dark.
  • Appointment of an ombudsperson: This long-standing request aims to create an independent oversight body to address complaints, monitor processing times, and advocate for applicants.

While the majority of the committee supports increased resources for application processing and communication, Conservative members dissent, arguing that throwing money at the problem won’t solve it. They advocate for other solutions, such as streamlining application forms and prioritizing high-skilled workers.

The report puts pressure on the government to address the backlog issue head-on. Whether it’s through deadlines, ombudspersons, or resource allocation, action is needed to ensure a fairer and more efficient immigration system for those seeking a new life in Canada.

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