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Calgary’s Utsab Restaurant’s special initiative

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Utsab Sweets and Restaurant

Canada’s Calgary’s ‘Utsab Sweets and Restaurant’ has launched a 53 percent special discount to coincide with 53 years of Independence Day.

December is the month of victory. 52 years have passed. On 16th December 1971, Bengali heroes snatched victory for an ocean of blood. In the heart of freedom-loving Bengalis, the month is a time of great joy, great glory, unearthly fragrance, and at the same time mourning. Today we are Bengalis because we got independence 52 years ago. Bengali is our language. The red and green flag is ours on the world court map.
To make the joyous moment of Victory Month more memorable among expatriates, ‘Utsav Sweets and Restaurant’ of Calgary, Canada has taken a different initiative. On the occasion of Victory Day, on December 15, 16, and 17, they will give 53 percent discount on all types of restaurant food.

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Khairul Bashar Maruf, owner of the restaurant, told Samakal, “Mother Earth and country are in our hearts even though we are abroad. In December 1971, there was a victory anniversary in the hearts of freedom-loving Bengalis. Many have lost their loved ones. Many mothers and sisters have paid the ultimate price of life. In memory of those brave freedom fighters and martyrs, we have given three-day special price reduction on food among expatriate Bengalis. On these three days, there will be a red green flag exhibition along with food discounts.

He also said that our main goal in the month of victory is to highlight the history of liberation war among our new generation.

Incidentally, various organizations in Calgary have taken different initiatives on the occasion of Victory Day.

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