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An Ottawa walk-in clinic is under investigation

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Ontario is investigating an Ottawa walk in clinic for allegedly charging patients $400 a year

Ontario is investigating an Ottawa walk-in clinic for allegedly charging patients $400 a year. Health Minister Sylvia Jones gave this information. However, the clinic authorities claimed that this fee was legal.

The South Keys Health Center is opening soon. An additional membership fee will be collected from the clinic’s nurse practitioners. They are offering a package of 1 thousand 200 dollars annually.

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Nurse practitioners may perform annual physicals, diagnoses. May also order some diagnostic imaging and lab tests. Can prescribe all types of drugs. Charging fees for treatment and other services covered by an Ontario health insurance plan is illegal. But nurse practitioners are exempt from this. Because, their services are not covered by OHP.

Provincial governments fund many nurse practitioner positions. About two dozen provincial nurse practitioner-run clinics operate as primary health centers. According to the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario on their website, their members are salaried and may be employed by a physician’s office or work in a setting such as a long-term care home.

An investigation into the clinic began last Thursday, Sylvia Jones said.

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