Sunday, April 14, 2024

Alberta’s Transgender Policy Is Changing

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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says new policies surrounding transgender youth are making changes in the upcoming legislative session

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says new policies surrounding transgender youth are coming into the upcoming legislative session. He also did not rule out the possibility of using the not-withstanding clause in the charter to uphold this change.

Smith was asked on 1 February whether the new rules were meant to appease the conservative wing of his United Conservative Party. However, he did not answer this question. Critics have called the rule cruel and harmful to young people. Because the youth are already facing oppression, suicide and marginalization.

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The purpose, Smith said, is to keep young people from making life-changing biological decisions until they are mature enough.

Among the changes being introduced is a ban on gender reassignment surgery for those 17 and under. It also calls for a ban on hormone therapy for such surgeries in those 15 and under.

Children’s reproductive health issues are not political rhetoric, Smith said. Demonstrating our leadership in protecting children’s choices is essential. So, if they choose something at some point in the future, if they want children they shouldn’t be allowed to make an immature decision that they can’t live with.

At the heart of this change is parental consent, Smith said. Because family comes first. Family is always by your side.

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