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Accommodate the guest in hospitality

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Accommodate the guest in hospitality

Every day Miranda goes out for an afternoon walk with her husband. Despite the busy life of the expatriate, he kept the habit of walking regularly thinking about his health. Boys and girls have grown up to do as much as they can for them, now they want to spend the rest of their lives on their own terms and care. As the sun sets it feels a little chilly so Miranda tells her groom –

Hello, do you hear?

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You put on a thin sweater, the light wind outside may make you feel cold. Although their neighbors are foreigners, Miranda and Johnny are surprised to see so much warmth. Even more surprised by the sweetness and caring of their long married life. Sadly, their neighbor’s first marriage did not last and the husband died of cancer shortly after the second marriage. In her mind, she also thinks that if her husband had lived, the last days of old age would have been exactly like Miranda and Johnny’s. Miranda asked her neighbor as she left the garbage bin outside the garage. Just then Johnny came out to brush his hair.

Miranda smiled and said how quickly I came out as a girl and how long you used to take.

This is it, let’s go now. I couldn’t find my glasses so I was late. You need an extra pair of glasses sometimes you can’t find them. After walking a short distance, Miranda stopped.

Why did you stop?

Can you hear anything? Where is the cover ringing?

Where will the cover come from?

Maybe the music is playing today Saturday maybe there is a party at someone’s house. I can’t even hear the cover.

May be puja has come, we have one or two Hindu families in our area. May be the puja ceremony is going on.

– Let’s go and see.

– I don’t know what to say.

– Hey, we are neighbors, and when we were in the country, we used to go to all puja events in the Hindu neighborhood. We had a daughter-in-law, her name was Bindu, Bindu Sharma. Boudi used to always invite us to go in groups.

Boudi used to make pies, chir moa, coconut nadu. We used to have fun and then go round the whole neighborhood with Boudi. I used to study how beautiful Tagore made whose house was. And know what was the most fun!

He used to eat prasad in every house. We used to wrap it in a handkerchief and bring it home. The sound of the door was ringing.

What would have been nice was the atmosphere of the festival around, this was not the day.

– You were young then, not now.

So you can’t rush.

move on We are not going to eat anymore, just watch. Miranda requested Johnny in such a way that he couldn’t stop talking.

Walking, the two stood in front of that house. Tents stretched across the entire driveway. Many people are seen. Two women are wearing a saree. Miranda wants to move a little closer but Johnny repeatedly forbids. Seeing them standing, a woman wearing a sari stepped forward and asked –

Are you looking for someone? Not exactly, Miranda replied without hesitation.

We came to see a little.

The words were said in English. Miranda asked –

Are you from Bangladesh?

Hearing the woman’s reply “yes” Miranda happily told Johnny –

If you see the people of our country.

– Well, you are also Bengali?

– Yes, mother, we live in this neighborhood. Hearing the sound of the cover, I really wanted to see it, so I came.

– Well, I understand that it was very nice. Come on, I’ll call mom.

They both continued to see the beautiful decorations around. A middle-aged woman wearing a red saree came out from inside the house along with the girl. Hello, we are very happy that you have come. Baba Pradeep, give me two chairs here. sit down Miranda sat down as she pushed the chair forward. Johnny hesitated a bit. Whispered what happened when he sat down. After sitting for ten to fifteen minutes, the housekeeper brought some sweets, coconut nadu on a brass plate, handed one-use plates to both of them and asked them to take what they like.

Miranda was then reminded of her childhood, although she was no longer at the age where she could not eat too many sweets, but still took a little to keep them occupied. I felt very welcome in their hospitality. Religion may be different but everyone’s festival. The exchange of minds is real. So even strangers become close people easily.

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