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A spoonful of butter in a cup of coffee reduces weight!

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Needless to say this coffee will have milk shots and syrup but the new addition to the caffeine craze is butter coffee

Macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, arrericanos and mochas to name a few. If you order from coffee chains, you will get smoky coffee of various flavors.

Needless to say, this coffee will have milk, shots and syrup but the new addition to the caffeine craze is ‘butter coffee’. This coffee is now popular in cafes. And it’s not like that. This copy is the new way to lose weight. It is said that if you want to lose weight, pour a spoonful of butter in coffee.

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After making thick double expresso, this butter should be poured over it. Many may be surprised to hear. But new research suggests these fats are good for our bodies and are becoming popular among the body-conscious.

Some call it Bullet Coffee, some say Fat Black, and Bullet Proof Coffee. Some call it smart coffee. And this coffee is easy to make at home. The recipe is available on the internet.

Some devotees are also turning to this coffee as a meal replacement. They claim that you can call this coffee a breakfast cup. And it keeps the body strong for a long time. As a result, skip meals, burn calories, reduce excess fat and keep you from feeling hungry until lunchtime.

The originator of this oil coffee is Dave Asprey, a seller in the United States. He used to mix tea with butter to maintain energy for a long time while hiking in the mountains of Tibet. That’s when he named this dish Bullet Proof. A high-fat, low-carb diet protects the body from fatigue, keeps chronic disease at bay, and dramatically reduces weight.

If you don’t eat sugary foods like bread, sugar, pasta, this fat acts as fuel in the body. But here are some ideas from Dave Frey for what exactly butter should look like. The butter must be made from the milk of grass-fed cows, and it must not be salted.

Meanwhile, many are unwilling to agree with Dave Aspre’s words. They think that the idea that eating a spoonful of butter with coffee in normal conditions will reduce weight is wrong. They think that eating a spoonful of butter in coffee regularly will increase weight after keeping other morning foods.

However, this bullet or smart coffee is becoming popular in western countries as a whole breakfast.

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