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A senior citizen of Ontario lost money while buying a scooter

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Welsh said he saw several foldable mobility scooters in pop up ads on social media

A senior citizen of Ontario says he saved money to buy a mobility scooter. The scooter was advertised online with massive discounts.

“I don’t like it at all,” said Errol Welsh, a resident of Caledon, Ontario. Because I hate being cheated on. He was thinking of buying a mobility scooter to facilitate mobility as he gets older. I am 74 years old and my legs do not work well. So I knew it would eventually be needed.

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Welsh said he saw several foldable mobility scooters in pop-up ads on social media. A $600 scooter is reportedly being sold at $48 with a massive discount. A new mobility scooter costs between one and a half thousand to three thousand dollars.

To take advantage of this opportunity, Welsh bought a $48 mobility scooter in April. But after that he did not get it. He was repeatedly informed of supply problems. It also offers a refund so you can buy another scooter for $75. Even that was not saved though.

“They offered to pay me back and I kept asking for it,” Welsh said. But the money was never returned.

Companies like Lowe’s continue to fight against false online advertising. These ads advertise products at huge discounts, which are not actually valid.

Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy this year, and some online ads claim to sell their products. But the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning. Some of the sites out there are claimed to be legit.

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