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A half love story

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A half love story

Pushpita studied with me in college. There were only three or four girls in our class. I didn’t talk much with Pushpita. He was a bit of a reserve type. Pushpita was Kaunia’s daughter. One day I heard Pushpita’s song in a college function. This song is ‘Tumi Amay Lah Hey Nath Lah’. Pushpita’s voice is so melodious. As if honey was dripping. I said that you sing very well. Pashpita said, I also read your story in the college magazine.

Since then we became friends. That year Pushpita invited me to their house for puja. Pushpita’s father had a Swarn business at Katpatti Road. They worshiped a lot. They had the biggest puja mandap in the city. Some of us friends went to Pushpitas house. Pushpita was looking very bright that day. Pushpita is already very beautiful. Not only beautiful but very beautiful. Quite long and lean. It’s like a gourd is swinging in front of your eyes. Pushpita actually defeats Pratima too.

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Pushpit’s mother gave us some food. Nadu of many varieties is sweet. Pushpita loves music very much. One day in college he said ‘I will sing on the radio when I grow up’. Pushpita Barisal studied Rabindra Sangeet in Udichi. ‘I will find you again, I lose my mind, and the treasure of my love, you are not my secret! You are my forever” hummed this song often.

One day in college Pushpita felt a little different. Maybe I’m wrong. Pushpita is always a cheerful girl. Sadness can not touch him. Pushpita said, do not listen to me, the marriage is fixed! I was surprised and said, “What is the wedding flower so soon!” She cried and said, what do I know, I look beautiful so father will marry me soon… Let me tell you in the language of Thakur..

Darkness descends at twilight
time is up
Meeting in the room
A fair of familiar faces…

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