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A few words about the home lawn

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The lawn is the mirror of the house

The lawn is the mirror of the house. Just as we look at the mirror and understand how we look, if the back yard or front yard lawn is beautiful then it increases the beauty of the house many times. It is not enough to have a lawn, it has to be green, beautiful and artistically shaded by artistic hands.

The point of the lawn is that as Bangabandhu said, “It is harder to protect freedom than to achieve it”. You spend a lot of money on a lawn in your new or old home, but you don’t take care of it. After two or three years it became a paradise of jungle, weeds and insects.

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People in Europe and America like their houses, their lawns are neat and beautiful. My backdoor neighbor has a small lawn that looks like a tennis grass court. I can’t resist the urge to quote Sunil Gangopadhyay’s words about lawns in his book ‘Peer Talaya Sarshe’ about his European travel experience – “This is the characteristic of European houses.

Everyone will have a little lawn and garden in front and back of the house. All the gentlemen of this country are gheshud. It is compulsory to trim the grass of the garden once a week. There is no question of having a gardener. If someone’s garden is overgrown with grass, people look down on them. I also cut the grass with the lawnmower once or twice to help Asim Roy.”

Bengalis come abroad and try to adapt themselves to the mainstream. Many remain indifferent. Their indifference is evident. Yesterday I went to the house of a Bengali family. Bhabhi is responsible for indoor and backyard and brother is responsible for small lawn in front yard. Although Bhabhi fulfills her duties diligently, the small lawn in the front yard shows how careless Bhai is. The small lawn on the right belongs to a Canadian family.

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