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Those three or four hours at one table…..

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Apa came to Toronto so we all spent some time together at the Mandarin

Not three or four hours, we BRAC University colleagues used to spend eight to nine hours together at the table. Sometimes I spent 24 hours in the residential dorm. Course design, lesson plan, lesson plan review, taking classes, engaging students in extracurricular activities and hundreds more.

During the semester break, there was training to develop ourselves. There used to be outings for pleasure — picnics, going to resorts and many other arrangements.

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Mrs. Sarwat Abed was the one who organized this much for us with extraordinary foresight and utmost compassion. She is not only Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s worthy wife, but she is our ‘Apa’ Sarwat Abed who has earned a place in our hearts with her ability and love.

Today, some of us left BRAC and came to Canada for the needs of life. Some 14 years ago, some 8 years ago. But for such a long time, Apa have given love to us not as our boss, but as one of our family. we should learn how a professional relationship becomes a family relationship from Apa.

Apa came to Toronto, so we all spent some time together at the Mandarin.

Then Sanjay and Sadia hang out for a while at Shraboni Banerjee’s house.

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