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RCMP maintains Royal traditions

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On 28th April denoted a glad second in the verifiable connection between the RCMP and the Imperial Family.

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His Majesty King Charles III agreed to take on the role of RCMP Commissioner-in-Chief, which was previously held by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in honor of the RCMP’s 150th anniversary and the upcoming Coronation. King Charles III received a special commemorative RCMP Officer’s sword when he accepted the title and rank.

His Majesty will serve as the RCMP’s Commissioner-in-Chief, highlighting the rich history between the RCMP and the Monarchy, which dates back to the RCMP’s inception during Queen Victoria’s reign. This will help His Majesty highlight the RCMP’s significance both domestically and internationally.

At Windsor Castle, RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme and the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Canada’s High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, officially presented Noble, the ninth Musical Ride horse to the family, to His Majesty King Charles III. This was done in keeping with royal customs.

During Her Late Grandness’ rule, the RCMP gave the family eight ponies, three of which are presently being used as charger ponies for the Imperial Family: Darby, George, and Sir John

Members of Musical Ride, who were in the UK for His Majesty’s coronation procession, took part in the ceremony today. On May 6, three of these members, Noble, the three charger horses that were given to them earlier, and the coronation procession will take place.

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