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Filled with life and quenched thirst

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People are always joining the world known to people. How many faces from childhood to adulthood. It’s like meeting one person at a new station in a train room! Then leave when the destination is reached. In the course of life, how many people do you circle with, meet. Then one day get busy with everyone’s life. How light a once essential relationship becomes in a short time.

Humans are basically self-centered. When this self-centeredness is manifested very clearly, how do the words love and love sound? Being by someone’s side when they need him is like an urge from within. I know he won’t be there when the day comes. Don’t stay, but the desire to be by someone’s side in times of trouble never ends! Pride comes when, when the eyes become blurred, when I think of mother. Our mother has done all her life for people. She didn’t ask for anything in return. So if there was any complaint, she would just say, stay, father. Stay. I think how could mother get so much patience?

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Some people we know leave their mark on our lives. Even if you haven’t seen him for a long time, he seems to be a person close to your heart. Somewhere in the world, those good-natured people spread happiness forever. Meeting is not important at all. Like stars, love lives in the light of those people. When the mind is very bad, just one thought is enough to cheer up the mind, “Today will never come again.”

I look at the day smiling in the soft sun. It comes like this every day. Walking in the shade of the leaves, I feel like I’m quite good. Sometimes, friendship with flowers, birds, leaves is good.

When I go to the side of the river, I like to think of myself as a river, mixing with the sound of the stream. I think of my mother again and again just to cope with the heart that is filled with pain. I think of my mother’s strange calm, beautiful nature. I want to be like my mother in prayer every day.

Mother was a kind hearted person. How can I be so good like him?

People can love people. to keep close
Like unearthly light, the pull of human love keeps alive…
People come back from suffocating pain!
How much is possible only if you live!
Keep going! Life goes on!
If the eyes float alone! Then you have to stand up!
like to sing
“More love, more love
Let me sink down.
Good luck to you
You donate more and more.

Filled with life and quenched thirst
Give me more and more life.”

Ottawa, Canada

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