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A love story behind the naming of Karnaphuli river

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There is a wonderful love story behind the name Karnaphuli

Who does not know Karnaphuli? There are many stories and poems about this flowing river. There are many stories about the life of the people on the banks of Karnaphuli. And Kaptai has made Karnaphuli closer to us. The river is also economically important. But have you ever wondered why the name of this river Karnaphuli?

There is a wonderful love story behind the name Karnaphuli. It is said that a princess of Arakan fell in love with a tribal prince of Chittagong. They came to this river on a moonlit night. The beautiful reflection of the moon emerges in the water of the river. The enchanted princess looked at the reflection in surprise.

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Once the flower in his ear fell into the water of the river. The flower is washed away by the river. The princess, eager to get the flower back, jumped into the river. But she floats away. Seeing his beloved drowning, the prince also jumps in to rescue the princess—but the princess is lost in his efforts in vain. Unable to bear the pain of losing his lover, the prince jumped into the water again. The name of this river is Karnaphuli since this tragedy.

This is how the legend and folklore of our country has been kept alive for ages by the ten thousand year old historical river Karnaphuli and its name.

The river is written as Kaicha Canal in medieval inscriptions, the river is called Kansa Khyong by the Marma tribals and Khaotlang Tuipui in Mizoram.

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